Happiness Comes From One Thing

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According to psychiatrist and fourth director of Harvard’s Longest Study on Happiness, Robert Waldinger, happiness comes from just one surprising thing. Discover three important lessons that are crucial to living a happy and fulfilled life as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom.

40 Minute Focus

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40 Minute Focus Video Are you constantly interrupted at work by email, IM, and your co-workers? Pierre Khawand, Author of “The Accomplishing More With Less Workbook” explains how to get better results by focusing on the task at hand, for at least forty minutes without distraction. If you enjoyed this video, you can view more…

Something Magical Happens

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Something Magical Happens Video Life is a bunch of accidents that happen to you and… somehow you survive them by taking advantage of them. Then something magical happens and viola! You have the beginning of your dream. If you enjoyed this video, you can view more of my collection here. Start a conversation with a…

All Is One

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All Is One (The Wombat Speaks) Video Listen to our furry little friend explain how everyone and everything is interconnected. The wombat speaks, and he’s smarter than you, so listen up! In less than a minute, this rapid-fire animation tells you everything you need to know about how to get along on earth for the…


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Dream – Motivational Video I don’t know what that dream is that you have. I don’t care how disappointing it might’ve been as you’ve been working toward that dream, but that dream that you’re holding in your mind, that it’s possible! Some of you already know, that it’s hard, it’s not easy. It’s hard changing…

A World of Peace


  A World of Peace Video Listen to this song daily and imagine living in a better world… …a world of equality, unity and harmony a world with leaders with integrity who serve with truth and transparency a world of abundance …clean air, food and water for everyone …freedom for everyone a world of happiness…

The Invitation by Oriah

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  The Invitation by Oriah Video One night, after an unsatisfying evening at a party, author Oriah Mountain Dreamer wrote the start of The Invitation. By the light of her streetlight, she began, “It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare…

Tao Te Ching


  Tao Te Ching Video Legend has it that Lao Tzu was the keeper of the archives of the imperial court of China. Saddened and disillusioned at life and humanity, and that people were unable to follow the path of goodness, he left his position in the court. It was in that renunciation that he…

Story Of Stuff


Story Of Stuff Video The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It’ll teach you something,…

Standing Meditation Exercise


  Standing Meditation Exercise Video We all know the benefits of meditation yet when we meditate daily, a change in technique is sometimes refreshing. Here is a great alternative, that takes only moments. Try the standing meditation exercise as shown in this video. Take at least 10 minutes each day to take a few deep…

Sacred Science


  Sacred Science Video Looking for a new prescription for serious illness? Take eight intrepid patients, add a team of indigenous medicine men and shamans, and mix for 30 days in the Peruvian Amazon. Suffering from conditions ranging from Parkinson’s to prostate cancer to diabetes, these patients are motivated by a commitment to heal naturally…

Right Questions


  Right Questions Video Debbie Ford talks about getting right answers from right questions. She asks is this an act of faith or fear? Decisions we make based in trust rather than our most fearful self will be better.   If you enjoyed this video, you can view more of my collection here. Start a…

Reinvent Your Business And Life


  Reinvent Your Business And Life Video How To Make This New Year Your Best Year Yet by Robin Sharma. Reinvent your business and life. Make this new year your absolute best. Robin Sharma’s 5 Step Planning Process he teaches his superstar CEO clients. Take your business and your life to the next level. If…

Recipe For Life


  Recipe For Life Video What would you like people to think about you when you’re gone? He took a few cups of love. He took one table spoon of patience. One table spoon, tea spoon of generosity. One pint of kindness. He took one quart of laughter. One pinch of concern. And then he…

Power Of Mind


  Power Of Mind Video Practicing Qigong, and using it to help yourself heal, involves a simple combination of breathing, focused concentration, gentle movements, and healing meditations. The power of mind are so much more powerful than we realize. Watch this quick demonstration with a seated exercise to show you just how powerful. Share it…

Pain Of Change


  Pain Of Change Video See this quick explanation about why we resist change, how change is our access to growth and success, and how to respond to change… Nido Qubein came to the United States as a teenager with no knowledge of English, no contacts and only $50 in his pocket. Today he is…

Mindfulness Guided Meditation


  Mindfulness Guided Meditation Video Jon Kabat-Zinn leads a session on Mindfulness at Google. The video is 1:12 hours in duration, yet well worth each minute. Get a sense of your body as a whole, expanding your awareness beyond breath. Join in with this guided meditation and enjoy the ride. You have full permission to…

May You Walk In Sunshine


  May You Walk In Sunshine Video To honor our earth and ancestors. The music is from the album Sacred Spirit Vol. 2 (More Chants & Dances of the Native Americans). The song is called “May You Walk In Sunshine”. The Earth is our Mother, care for her. Honor all your relations. Open your heart…

Man Who Planted Trees Story


Man Who Planted Trees Story Video The Man Who Planted Trees tells the story of a solitary shepherd who patiently plants and nurtures a forest of thousands of trees, single-handedly transforming his arid surroundings into a thriving oasis. Undeterred by two World Wars, and without any thought of personal reward, the shepherd tirelessly sows his…

Live Your Life


  Live Your Life Video Do what you’re passionate about! Watch this video to inspire you to start to live your life.   If you enjoyed this video, you can view more of my collection here. Start a conversation with a comment HERE… Privacy, Terms Of Use & Disclaimers