10 Things Successful People Regularly Do

10 Things Successful People Regularly Do Video

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What is your personal definition of success?

Have you bought into what everyone else thinks is success?

The meaning of success will be different for every person, including yourself!

Get clear on your own idea of success, and when you do, you may then find many of the following tips, traits and habits very useful.

A short list of 10 things successful people regularly do.

1. Do more than what’s asked

2. Develop emotional intelligence

3. Make their own luck

4. Define their aim, vision and purpose

5. They use a notebook

6. They have a focus routine

7. They are committed

8. They are organized

9. Plan their day a night before

10. Tackle the hardest or most unnerving task, first

11. (Bonus) Find a way to laugh

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