Connect To Your Higher Self

Connect To Your Higher Self Video

Your Higher Self is the aspect of your consciousness closest to Source – the fully realized eternal being that you are.
It exists beyond space and time and the confines of third dimensional reality, and is the overseer of your multi selves – past, present and future, conscious and subconscious.
It knows all you have been, all you are now, and all you are becoming, and it is aware of the countless possibilities available for your growth and success and that which will serve you optimally.
Your Higher Self knows you inside out and loves you unconditionally. Its vast, all-encompassing perspectives will gift your life immeasurably and pierce the veils and limits of your personal beliefs and programs, bringing truth and light to even the darkest of arenas.
Your Higher Self communicates with you via your intuition. Its information is sourced in love and truth beyond the confines of your conditioned self. It is the golden compass that points ever to the truth of who you are, to your highest path and potential and the love at the heart of all.
By connecting to this infinite and loving source, you are accessing the highest level of your being, which will raise your vibration profoundly, and by virtue of such alone, massively enhance your manifesting potential by the law of resonance. Source: Intuition Zone

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