Wealth Lies Exposed

Wealth Lies Exposed Video

This video has a few interesting examples of the urgency that we can often feel around money. The video uses footage from Matt’s visit to Cambodia.

Approximately the first 1:30 minutes, and last 3:30 minutes, has Matt speaking about common wealth lies and beliefs around money.

He also talks about the things we can do, to help ease our own concerns, when we run into those wealth lies showing up in the mass consciousness.

It’s only when we stop internally resisting whatever is happening that we are free to allow positive change.

With practice you can feel peaceful about your financial intentions which will cause you to manifest them faster.

It is a little different to many of the usual videos that you might see related to generating wealth.

I do recommend you stick with it and listen for the gold, while watching this short video about how to attract money.

Really, only one question matters: How will you use the information from this video in your own life?

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