Being In Heaven Movie

Being In Heaven Video

Being In Heaven is the 90 minute feature film by Michael Domeyko Rowland and is now available for streaming and download.

You also receive a free 3 part course titled Creating A New Life, also by Michael Domeyko Rowland, the writer, director and star of Being In Heaven.

As you watch it, you will be drawn into a far deeper understanding of how you have created your life so far, and what you can do to change anything.

Here below, is the trailer… 

(ad) Being In Heaven from John Coroneos on Vimeo.

Being In Heaven is a story that unlocks many secrets about how you can access the higher potentials you have within you, as well as the actual methods of experiencing real and true success in all areas of your life.

All this is wrapped in a film drama which you will think about many times once you have left the cinema.

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