Awakened Man

Awakened Man Video

Tim Shieff made the following video and adds this description for us…

What a privilege it was to edit the words of one of the greatest men of our generation.

Having said that this video is not about Russell Brand at all it is about the message and that message has never been more simple, its LOVE.

I share a lot of the same beliefs with Russell and was inspired to do this project as he says things I feel and in such an open, honest and pure way on media platforms in the public eye.

Trimmed from hours of inspiring, loving and pure truth interviews/talks Russell has been involved in throughout the last year.

I do not own any of the rights to the visual or audio content within this video. It was made as creative project.

An expression of new age theories in a somewhat artistic way.

So carry on what you’re doing, being happy in your heart!

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